Fantast!c Now☆ Akagi Miria [SSR]
Base stats
Regular: Lv.
40 +2 3..6 +1 232..485 +25 5..9 +1
Life Vocal Dance Visual
240..500 +27 200 80
Overall Appeal Max Bond Max Level
  • Gacha (2021; 16 March ~ 19 March)
    • This card is/was limited during the gacha period.
よそみは禁止 !
(Cinderella Magic) Every 12 seconds: there is a 35..52.5% chance to activate all skills on the team, then apply the best available score/combo bonus (according to individual skills' conditions) to each note for 5..7.5 seconds.
Leader Skill シンデレラブレス
Each member on your team will receive the best available leader effect from your team (including your guest's leader effect).