Card Rarity X X X X
High stat X X X X
  Vocal Visual Dance Balanced
Idol Attribute X X X
  Cute Cool Passion
Skill Type X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
  Perf. Lock* C. Guard Combo Bonus Score Bonus Healer H. Guard Overload All-Round Concen. Skill Boost Focus/Coord. L. Sparkle Encore T. Synergy Tuning
Awakened?   X
  Yes No

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Card VoViDa Skill Effect (sort: time window, % chance, duration, effect val.)
Fujiwara Hajime
3243 4973 2678
せせらぎの音色 Every 9 seconds: there is a 35..52.5% chance that you will gain an extra 14% combo bonus for 5..7.5 seconds.
Seki Hiromi
3688 3393 3334
満点の笑顔 Every 12 seconds: there is a 35..52.5% chance that Nice/Great notes will become Perfect notes for 4..6 seconds.
Eto Misaki
2980 2884 2865
キラメキ女子力 Every 9 seconds: there is a 30..45% chance that Perfect notes will restore 2 health for 4..6 seconds.